Merch Update: Lunch Bags Available in NYC, Caps On Sale, Pink Beanies Limited Stock

The limited edition logo lunch bags are now available online via the Shop. The lunch bags are also being sold exclusively at the Extra Butter retail boutique along with the Gold Logo Beanies.


With only a few left in stock, the reflector caps are now on sale. Visit the Shop now.

It looks like the limited edition Pink logo beanies are going quick. Remember, Patricia Fields is the only retail store in the states that are carrying them for now. Get them along with other exclusive items while supplies last.



Here at the A.L.I.EN. Offices, some of us highly appreciate the works of the Asian graphic arts & culture.  We have much love for the fellow Otaku or what we would call, a connoisseur of Manga arts. Otaku is Japanese slang for Manga Nerd or Geek. Someone who is all about the Manga/Anime lifestyle.The problem with traveling with your favorite manga, is finding the perfect bag to fit them in. It seems there are no bags just dedicated to resolving this issue, so we decided to. Introducing the Limited edition A.L.I.E.N. Otaku lunch/Manga bags. A very limited amount will be released on our online shop & select retail venues very soon. Stay tune.



Top 5 Men Over 50 With Space Swag


Here at A.L.I.E.N., we appreciate the OG’s/elders with unique styles. Style, according to our definition, doesn’t necessarily only equate to sense of fashion, but your confidence in your overall individual aesthetic. On top of that, if you’re able to take your style to higher heights,  and we do mean literally out of this world, then we feel you deserve to be recognized for your “Space Swag.” It wasn’t easy but here are the top 5 stylish space men over 50.  Read who made it,  after the jump.

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